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Meet Alok Kumar: Sales Leader with a Dedication to Social Welfare

Alok_Kumar_HeadshotKohler Power, the data center industry's Global Power Partner, is dedicated to providing the right solutions for IT infrastructure needs alongside gracious, high-touch and personalized service. Our globally integrated and multifunctional team of power experts are at the core of this commitment — and we’d like to help you get to know them a bit better. 

In our last installment of our Employee Spotlight Series, we introduced you to our Product Manager Brad Meissner, the individual at the strategic helm of our Global Large Diesel Generator developments. 

 Now, we’re crossing the globe to put the spotlight on a leading member of our team in India: Alok Kumar, our Associate Director of Sales and Services. As an individual that delivers 22 years of rich experience in building business and delivering sustained growth, positive outcomes and value to customers, Alok is a true asset to our global team. 

We caught up with Alok to explore his role at Kohler, learn more about his favorite part of working in the data center industry and more. 

Welcome, Alok! Tell us about yourself, your history in the industry, how you came to Kohler and what you accomplish on behalf of the team. 

My career started way back in 1998 when I came out of Management School as a trainee. I joined a global trading organization, and I was asked to choose the market and the product and to build a business from scratch — It was like starting your own business with the organizations’ resources. Although it was a challenge for a new and fresh mind, it was very motivating to choose a global marketplace to enter and win. I accepted the challenge and entered the ring in Latin America, learning the language and, in 4 years, capturing 28% market share in the chosen product category. 

This background served me well when I landed at Kohler in 2009 as General Manager of Sales & Service. It helped me significantly contribute towards establishing and driving the profitable growth for Kohler products across South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan) with a blend of OEM Business & Distribution Business. Although I spent some time away from Kohler, I returned to this beloved team in 2018. I’ve been continuing this growth story since then as Head of Sales and Service for Kohler Genset (the project business as well as the residential and dealer product), Engines (both Diesel and Petrol), Engine Oil and Aftermarket product and services.

What does it mean to you to be the data center’s global power partner, and how do you support this commitment in your day-to-day operations?

I have always been a professional who thrives on building something up from nowhere to somewhere, and this dedication to cultivating success is what makes Kohler a trusted partner. In India specifically, data centers are a most promising growth opportunity, so I’m invested in helping organizations catch that bus. We have all the required platforms to provide a safe landing for our data center customers. 

What do you see being the biggest trends, considerations or requirements at play in the data center sphere today? 

The most prominent and beneficial trend today is that of the one-stop solution — and Kohler is a solution provider that is wholly dedicated to this approach. The trend is to partner with a supplier who understands the complete nature of data centers and their long-term success, remaining committed at every step. 

Kohler is one of the few who understand the concept in totality, leveraging global experience and following best practices. So Kohler is a most preferred partner for data center needs. In terms of products themselves, the market is headed toward prime rating products that suit extreme ambient conditions, like 50 degree Celsius or so.

What do you find compelling about working in the data center sphere? 

I find the challenge to be very compelling, as well as the technical knowhow required and the size of this rapidly growing segment. The long-term projections, progress, industry pride and leaders among these teams also can’t be neglected as a compelling aspect. Furthermore, the data center players are global, so a win in one marketplace can be replicated in other regions. 

Outside of your work for Kohler, what do you like to do?

I am a cook at home and a social worker in society. I love to take care of the people in need, connecting the disadvantaged with helpful platforms. I’ve enjoyed partnering with various welfare committees for promoting girls’ welfare and education. 

May God bless me and my family so that I may be of use to many more in need. 

We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us, Alok! We’re lucky to have you as part of our Kohler team. 

To learn more about Kohler and Alok, click here to view his Global Power Partner video interview. 


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