Kohler Special Report: Disasters, Devices, and Direct Current

Disaster recovery: a standard term and a familiar concept for all data centers, but how much about the present and future of disaster recovery do you really know?

When it comes to disaster recovery (DR) plans, all data centers have them, and — since application uptime and network security are the name of the game — their importance goes without saying. DR is all about enabling a data center to regain its technology and operations as soon as possible after a major failure strikes. It’s part business continuity, part security planning, part organizational goals, all important. However, that’s not to say that all DR plans are solid. Many data centers coast by with outdated and insufficient DR plans. Some studies show that as many as a quarter of all DR plans go altogether untested. So, while DR efforts might seem like a foregone conclusion, their ability to pull through may not be.

As we stand on the cusp of what is known as the fourth industrial revolution, both technology and business practices are evolving at a faster rate than ever. The digital age moves quickly, even for those in the tech industry who are supposed to be the experts. For DR planning it's not just a matter of cracks and gaps that can emerge over time: it’s a matter of a whole new ballgame emerging under your nose. 

Kohler Data Centers’ new special report Disasters, Devices, and Direct Current aims to discuss that ballgame from a thousand feet, and from the unique perspective of backup power. Instead of diving into the nitty gritty of power systems and equipment specs, the report looks at the issue from a larger scope – the future of disaster recovery for data centers at scale, and how backup power systems fit into that picture. 

This report aims to cover four main questions: 

  • Why is the importance of DR preparation growing for all businesses? 
  • Why are there extra responsibilities on data centers more than other businesses to perform during times of disaster? 
  • Why is the risk of power loss during a disaster higher than ever? 
  • How can data centers ensure optimal backup power is built in as an essential part of their DR planning?

Download the report now to find context and insight regarding the larger trends in disaster recovery emerging so you can feel knowledgeable and prepared for the data center world of tomorrow — empowered, you might say.

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