Kohler Energy: Recognized for Leading the Charge Towards Sustainable Data Center Solutions

When it comes to data center operations, Kohler Energy stands out as the global power partner, providing reliable backup power solutions to data centers worldwide. With decades of experience delivering traditional diesel generator solutions, Kohler has recently turned its focus towards cleaner, more sustainable, and highly viable alternative backup power solutions in order to help its data center partners meet their sustainability goals. This commitment has earned Kohler the prestigious title of Data Centre Vendor of the Year 2024 at the Datacloud Global Awards.

Kohler's recognition is well-deserved, not just for its innovative green power solutions but also for its role as a thought leader in the industry, advocating for sustainable practices. Here are some of the remarkable initiatives that highlight Kohler's dedication to sustainability, earning them top honors as Vendor of the Year:

  • Conscious Care Maintenance Program - This program aims to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and maintenance costs, making it easier for data centers to operate more sustainably.

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power System - Kohler has launched a hydrogen fuel cell power system that emits zero emissions during use, setting a new standard for eco-friendly power solutions.

  • Investment in HVO Fuels - Kohler has heavily invested in the engineering, testing, and endorsing Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuels. At its Brest, France, facility, Kohler has integrated HVO fuels for generator testing and operation, achieving a remarkable reduction in net carbon emissions by up to 90% compared to fossil diesel and a 10% reduction in NOx emissions.

  • Power Down: Getting Green Data Center Retreat - In September, co-hosted with Schneider Electric, this event gathered global data center leaders to discuss and develop sustainable industry practices. The retreat led to forming three working groups dedicated to creating impactful environmental solutions.

  • Design for Environment (DfE) Integration - Kohler has globally integrated DfE principles into its new product development processes, ensuring sustainability is considered at every product design stage.

  • iMasons Climate Accord Participation - Kohler is actively involved in the iMasons Climate Accord project, achieving the advanced Movers designation and contributing to working group presentations and white papers focused on climate action.

Kohler Energy is more than just a provider of backup power solutions; it is a steward of environmental advancements, leading the data center industry toward a greener future. Notably, 

Kohler employee Ben Rapp has been instrumental in these advancements and was also recognized at the DataCloud Global Awards with the Young Talent of the Year award. As the 

manager of business development for clean energy, Ben has been essential in driving Kohler’s sustainable initiatives. Additionally, Ben initiated the development of a backup power solution used by renowned explorer Robert Swan on his 2023 Undaunted Expedition where he trekked across the Antarctic landmass to the Geographic South Pole relying solely on renewable energy sources.

By supporting and innovating sustainable practices, Kohler is helping data center operators worldwide meet their sustainability goals, ensuring a more environmentally friendly industry for years to come. As the Data Centre Vendor of the Year 2024, Kohler Energy's efforts in advancing green power solutions are paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-conscious data center industry.

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