The Importance of After-Sales Support in a Global Data Center Market

The global data center market is quickly growing, and for good reason. Now more than ever, businesses in emerging data center markets increasingly depend on the internet to connect with customers, while the general population heavily relies on it to support their daily routines. As the data center industry expands to new and non-traditional regions to support rapidly growing consumption, challenges are bound to arise, especially with vendors that data center operators rely on to provide critical services. The presence of a solid after-sales support system no matter where you’re located is crucial to ensure reliability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness across the board.

We recently examined this topic in depth in a new special report titled The Future of Data Center Service and Support in A Global Market. You can download the full report here. If you’re looking for the highlights, we’ve got you covered below. 

  • North America and Europe are no longer the fastest-growing regions using the internet. Southeast Asia is now considered the fastest-growing region, with Asia-Pacific close behind, and regions like Australia, LATAM, and Africa are emerging markets to watch. 

  • This global internet consumption expansion is significant for small and medium-sized data centers that heavily rely on service vendors to support them. Vendors will need to scale up to address globalization and figure out solutions that help expand the scope of services in the areas of delivery, installation, consulting, repairs, supplies, and more.

  • Vendors offering advanced services globally will require an efficient and integrated team that includes technical designers, engineers, site project managers, and account executives.

  • Data center services ignoring the trend of globalization will put the average data center at risk of not being able to receive proper after-sales support from their vendors.

  • Forward-thinking vendors will introduce and implement innovative strategies to meet the growing global demand for product lifecycles.

As data centers continue to evolve in our increasingly digital world, they must prioritize vendor selection with heightened vigilance. Aligning with vendors who are planning ahead, thinking globally, and implementing tactics strategically will be critical to longevity in the industry.

Check out the full report to learn more about the challenges of a globalized data center industry, and how Kohler works to create a consistent and reliable customer experience no matter where our customers are located. 

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