Global Power Partner Spotlight: Robert Leow

RobLeowKohler is dedicated to providing the right solutions for data center backup power around the world with expert, personalized service. Our globally integrated and multifunctional team of power experts is at the core of this commitment — and we’d like to help you get to know them a little better.

Today’s spotlight is on Robert (Wee Yee) Leow, aftermarket parts and service manager for Southeast Asia. Prior to joining Kohler, Robert worked in the electrical and electronics industry for over 15 years. With a background in project management, new product integration, continuous improvement, and digital transformation, Robert is a great fit for helping data centers maintain uptime even in the toughest conditions and has been doing so for over 5 years. 

We caught up with Robert to learn more about his role at Kohler, his views about the future of the data center industry, and more.

Hi Robert! To start off, how would you describe your role at Kohler?

Certainly! I first started as a quality manager for operations in Singapore, which involved implementing and executing quality assurance systems to ensure Kohler products adhered to our high-performance standards. Then, in July 2022, I began my role as the aftermarket parts and service manager. My responsibilities involve developing parts, service, and training strategies to support Kohler’s distributors across Southeast Asia in providing parts programs, sales forecasting, and technical support, as well as engine and controller training. Today, we have a team of eight members, which supports 13 countries.

Wow! What have been some of the most notable success stories from your time in that role?

We are currently undertaking two of the biggest projects I’ve been part of right here in Singapore. The first is the testing and commissioning of 21 generators, each with a capacity of 3.75 MVA for a new data center. The second is the testing and commissioning of 16 different 2-MVA generators for another data center client. Both are scheduled for completion later this year.

Sounds like you’re a busy guy! What do you like best about working on data center backup power projects like that?

The first thing I love is putting the puzzle pieces all together on a project. I pride myself on my analytical ability — I enjoy analyzing the data collected from our aftermarket team as well as customer feedback, and relating this information to create strategies and actions to support our goals. Knowing our data center customers well and being able to understand every touchpoint in the customer experience is an essential part of my role, and I enjoy that.

The second thing I love is making customers happy. I know all about what it is like to delight a customer, and it’s great to put a smile on their face. To be able to listen to their feedback, address their concerns, and resolve their issues swiftly and completely is a great feeling.

I bet you’ve learned a lot about supporting data centers over the years. 

Yes, plenty! Data centers hold exciting potential in terms of industry growth and also personal knowledge for me. The data center sector is the engine that supports the world’s growth and creation today and well into the future, so there is much to learn from the experiences supporting data center businesses as a partner. I’m always staying up to date with industry trends and developments for future data centers advancement. For instance, I was recently reading about deploying AI to support diagnostics and preventive maintenance. There is always a lot to learn!

There sure is. With that in mind, where do you see the data center industry heading, and how does Kohler play a part in that? 

Well, the nature of this industry makes it intolerant of downtime. As part of a data center’s support team, it is expected of my team and our distributors to provide a rapid response and effective resolution during downtime. We take this seriously and do a good job of mitigating downtime now. In the future, I think technological developments can help us do that even more effectively. In the future, I think we’ll have better tracking to support faster resolutions. Constant collaboration between data centers, distributors, sales, engineering, and operations is key to attaining faster responses and minimizing downtime — and in the future, we’ll be able to communicate even more effectively. 

How about outside of your work at Kohler? What do you like to do?

I enjoy being out at sea, and fishing. When I am out on the water, it is also the time for a technology detox (with no network access), so my mind will focus on the catch. I find that after a break, I feel more recharged and energized to take on challenges. During weekends, I also enjoy connecting with my extended family, spending time at dinners and gatherings.

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