Global Strength and Local Support: Kohler’s After-Sale Data Center Services

Just how seriously should a data center consider after-sales support when purchasing new equipment? Recent industry trends are challenging data center service providers to be more agile and stretch further. In our recent special report, The Future of Data Center Service and Support in A Global Market, we examine the importance of ensuring your data center has excellent and ongoing vendor support. How is Kohler responding?

From planning the design and selecting the equipment to testing and commissioning, we’re focused on delivering reliable, custom-designed power systems tailored to your specifications. But it’s not only that. We’re also committed to full service, end-to-end management of your genset’s lifecycle.

Global Partnership Process

Kohler understands our main responsibilities under the scope of work to be: design and engineering, coordination, manufacturing, factory testing and commissioning, delivery, offloading, positioning, installation, site commissioning and integrated system testing, handover, training, and servicing your generator during its full life cycle. What do those services look like? Here’s an overview of the main pillars of Kohler’s dedicated data center support:

Tech Support
Kohler’s tech support is separated into two categories: switchgear support and generator support. Switchgear field service provides 24/7 emergency technical support through our distribution partners. Qualified technicians are available to respond at a moment’s notice and factory support is available when required. We build lasting relationships, identify potential risks, and mitigate future issues. Our switchgear support team offers everything from preventative maintenance and proactive upgrades to ongoing operational reviews and risk assessments.

When it comes to generator tech support, our factory-trained and certified technicians are equipped with the knowledge and latest diagnostic tools to keep your generator up and running with quick, accurate resolutions and hands-on technical support. Factory-direct field service engineers support critical installations and field issues as needed, as 24/7 service is available nationwide. Learn more here.

Kohler genuine parts are built specifically for your generator throughout its life cycle and are available when you need them, wherever you are through our global network of distributors.

Our global service network ensures our extensive parts inventory is available when you need it
Parts required for maintenance and repair are stored in warehouses strategically located around the world, drawing on an international distribution network and dedicated personnel with specialized tools to ensure quick availability. Learn more here.

We offer training courses and certification programs around the world on every aspect of equipment maintenance and repair, all run by Kohler experts. Our training sessions are meant to be development opportunities to enhance knowledge and develop skills for individual and organizational productivity, providing you with the tools to respond effectively to needs today and in the future.

For advanced training, Kohler has four locations based in North America, Europe, and Asia. These dedicated facilities contain all the necessary resources: teaching rooms, mechanical workshops, test benches, simulators, and engine emulators— all to provide participants with hands-on experience. Learn more here

Kohler’s award-winning KD series engines offer a special diagnostic software called Kodia. With Kodia, you can resolve and prevent issues faster than ever. With its self-explanatory user guidance and user-friendly interface, this electronic diagnostic tool enables a simple and rapid search for malfunctions and faults. With Kodia, Kohler provides continuous support by enabling engine parameter recording, event recording, load profile calculations, and simulated engine sensors. Learn more here.

Complete End-To-End Support
As data centers look to become more sustainable, efficient, reliable, and empowered, they can trust that their backup power is taken care of from beginning to end. The idea is holistic lifecycle services that span account management to engineering, commissioning, and beyond. In this way, Kohler’s aim to offer the utmost ease and responsiveness paves the way for seamless deployments, powerful scalability, and uncompromised agility in every data center. If you’d like to learn more about why such strong support is important, check out our latest special report on the topic here.

At the heart of this global network of data centers stands a dedicated team of professionals who ensure uninterrupted operations, uphold stringent security standards, and deliver unwavering support to clients spanning the globe. A single call assures you of expert support and problem resolution day or night. Kohler’s worldwide dealer and distributor network has access to complete inventories of Kohler genuine parts and provides factory-trained service technicians who are fully vetted and thoroughly tested. If you’d like to know more about what this team looks like and how it works, check out our article on the topic right here.

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