4 Maps To Understand Kohler’s Global Service Network

When investing in data center essentials like backup power systems, the significance of not only the sale and delivery but also a robust after-sales support system cannot be understated. In today's dynamic data center landscape, the question of how seriously data centers should regard after-sales support when procuring new equipment becomes increasingly pertinent. Recent industry shifts are compelling data center service providers to extend their capabilities, making ongoing vendor support more crucial than ever. In fact, we examined the importance of such a network in our latest special report, The Future of Data Center Service and Support in a Global Market. So, how does Kohler stack up?

Kohler is known not only for its superior engineering, but also the robust and extensive global network that guarantees your power solutions are always prepared when and where you need them. With manufacturing facilities, distributor networks, training centers, and parts hubs strategically located worldwide, Kohler has established itself as a global powerhouse in the backup generator industry, offering unwavering support to customers around the world. Don’t believe us? Here are four maps that show just how the strength of Kohler's international network establishes new standards for data center backup power service and support.

Where In The World Are Kohler Data Center Generators?
With more than 3,000 megawatts (MW) of generator power deployed at data centers globally, and our new 4 MW product leading the way, Kohler is fast becoming the global power partner of choice for data center operators. Here’s a great view of where Kohler backup power is making a difference with our clients worldwide. Interested to see a global list of notable companies using our solution? Check one out here.


Where in The World Do Kohler Generators Come From?
Kohler's global reach extends to its extensive network of manufacturing facilities strategically positioned around the world. These state-of-the-art production centers ensure the consistent quality and reliability of their power solutions for data centers, making them readily available to customers on a global scale. With manufacturing hubs in key regions, Kohler can swiftly respond to diverse and localized data center needs, providing backup generators and power systems that meet the highest standards of excellence, regardless of location.


How In The World Is Kohler’s Support System Organized?
We understand regional support is crucial for end-to-end support, so we separate our specialists and technicians into teams that work with you where you are. Kohler employs independent data center cross functional teams in six regions around the globe, honed in on the regional demands of data centers in that part of the world. Interested in learning more about the world of services offered by our data center backup power teams, the various facets of support, and the distinct roles within our customer support teams? Read all about it here


Where In The World Does Kohler’s Support and Service Come From?
In the quest for data centers to enhance their sustainability, efficiency, reliability, and empowerment, they can rely on comprehensive backup power solutions that cover every aspect of the process. This approach revolves around holistic lifecycle services, ranging from account engineering and commissioning to maintenance, repair, and beyond. In order to accomplish this, Kohler’s network of support facilities, teams, and services must be based in every corner of the world. With 1,000 service providers, 800 distributors, 19 logistics hubs, and nine training centers, if your business is a data center then chances are you’re located near an important Kohler support site. Curious? Locate your nearest Kohler support location here

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Global Strength, Local Support
Kohler's commitment to providing maximum convenience and responsiveness ensures the smooth implementation, robust scalability, and unwavering adaptability of every data center, creating a seamless and dependable backup power strategy. Our widespread operational, manufacturing, and support presence underscores Kohler's commitment to delivering cutting-edge power solutions to a worldwide customer base.

To learn more about why Kohler prioritizes global support and you should too, check out our latest special report here. Or, to learn more about our specific service programs, click here.

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