Kohler’s Global Support, Explained

How does Kohler’s support system work, and how are services delivered to data center leaders just like you all over the world?

In our recent special report, we discuss the globalization of the data center industry and the many challenges that trend presents for data center leaders looking for vendor support. As a data center service provider, Kohler takes these obstacles seriously. But how, exactly, do we provide 24/7 personalized, global support?

Let’s delve into the world of services offered by our data center backup power teams, exploring the various facets of support, the distinct roles within our customer support teams, and the unparalleled commitment we bring to enabling businesses to thrive in the digital realm.

Kohler’s Support Process

The Kohler support process involves a tight-knit team of skilled people working together to make sure your generator is performing at its best. Here’s how they all come together throughout the lifecycle of your genset:

Kohler  Customer Support Process (2)From the initial contact through planning, project execution, and maintenance, Kohler offers comprehensive end-to-end support. Our dedicated project team assesses your project scope, requirements and challenges, and provides full support and transparency throughout every stage of the project. By working closely with you, we ensure that your project is equipped with reliable, custom-designed power systems tailored to your specifications throughout its lifecycle.

The Kohler Support Team

Kohler  Customer Support Process

Global and Regional Account Portfolio Executives
These team members own the customer experience for all projects, through the entire project and product lifecycle. Global executives are responsible for delivering on global planning, overall customer growth and timeline achievement, and to ensure global consistency and regional support. Regional account executives provide a similar function, and serve as a key point of contact, for project geographies around the globe. 

Technical Design and Engineering Manager
This member of the Kohler team ensures the customer receives a tailored solution that fits with all the site’s conditions and technical requirements. Meeting these goals requires the technical design and engineering manager to oversee the design stage with site-specific needs in mind, such as air environment, operating temperature conditions, altitude, acoustic, emissions, footprint, airflow, system interfaces and fuel system.

Regional Account / Project Manager
This position oversees the project from submittal to order processing. Our manufacturing teams and facilities provide the capability to assemble the genset and integrate the full system within its enclosure under complete Kohler manufacturing control. Your account manager will help manage this complex process ensuring on-time delivery and critical project communication.

Quality Manager
The quality manager ensures Kohler delivers on its promise of extraordinary product quality that delivers on high quality processes and metrics. This team member ensures the alignment of aspects like product reliability planning and validation, warranty support, and performance metrics such as mean time between failures (MTBF).

Site Project Manager
This individual manages the smooth execution of installation projects through understanding customer needs, reviewing contracts, and ensuring they are adhered to through site operations and commissioning programs. Among other delivery aspects, the site project manager is responsible for scheduling, certifications, compliance, and safety.

After Sales Support Manager
The manager will supervise our aftermarket team to support projects directly, and indirectly via our distributors in the region. The after sales support manager uses an escalation process that ensures unresolved site matters will be given the necessary course of actions following a local-regional-global process map.

Regional Account Manager
This individual serves as the main customer point of contact for the execution of Kohler’s product and service. The regional account manager serves as a liaison between procurement, engineering, aftermarket, and operations—intervening or escalating matters as needed. 

To learn more about why Kohler prioritizes global support and you should too, check out our latest special report here

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