Telling the Story of Global Data

An introduction to Kohler Power's Perspective.  

The Kohler name comes with a long and storied past. From boats to businesses, hospitals to governments, rural towns to metro hubs — Kohler Power has been at the forefront of reliable engines and generators for more than a century. Our power enabled historic polar expeditions, Allied initiatives in WWII, Hollywood blockbusters and beyond. 

Today, though, this rich history gives way to a new era of digital innovation in the Kohler narrative. In our data-driven zettabyte era, it’s clear that looking forward is what will drive innovation for all — so that’s exactly what we’ve done. Kohler Power’s dedication to customers holds true from our inception, and now, we’re building on this dedication as a trusted, global enabler to the entities at the core of the worldwide IT landscape: data centers.

Keeping Eyes on the Horizon

Today’s and tomorrow’s requirements are borne of data. As applications proliferate, data streams grow and demands on infrastructure intensify, this new and digital frontier requires the same power and care that has been provided at every pivotal time in recent history. 

The contemporary data center must be able to scale faster, operate more reliably and with more robust capability than ever before. This is why Kohler Power has risen to meet the needs of global data, expanding its proven generator offerings to data centers across the globe — and equipping the market with the insights it needs to reimagine what data center success looks like. 

As a company with a front-row seat to power developments, new growth trajectories and requirements, Kohler Power is poised to deliver crucial guidance about building tomorrow’s data fabric together — for every data center across every corner of the world. 

Your Trusted Ally

We are committed to providing a trusted, informative resource that can help readers develop a deeper understanding of how the data center market is evolving, in turn making informed, strategic mission-critical power decisions. 

This is why we are thrilled to introduce our Kohler Power Blog Insights page. 


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