Digital infrastructure is built by an infrastructure of people ready to make their mark

For International Data Center Day, Kohler has joined industry forces in generating awareness.

Kohler Plant EntranceOver the past few decades of rapidly growing internet accessibility and expanded capabilities, many of us have turned to digital methods of communication, entertainment, and data storage. Data centers have become the factories of the digital age. After all, can you imagine how much physical space your email inbox, movie collection, and photo libraries would take up if you had hard copies in your home? Going paperless, finding entertainment, shopping online – these all have
an associated impact. Even though many digital users may not realize it, the mysterious place where we send emails, stream TV shows, and store files to has a substantial physical presence that is growing rapidly.

Not only is there a need to create awareness of the data center industry, but also to build up the next generation of talent that we will require to continue growing. Kohler is a proud supporter of International Data Center Day, an industry event geared toward inspiring awareness and education to ensure that our unique field is equipped to successfully handle the huge growth trajectory we know is coming.

As a society, we rely on the internet daily and we recognize the need for associated personnel infrastructure. In honor of the educational opportunities International Data Center Day creates for the industry’s future leaders, Kohler is honored to join industry forces in generating awareness. Last year, we announced an internship program to promote opportunities for data center focused careers and are happy to share that the program is well underway. In fact, there are open positions available right now on our site to join the marketing team that are a perfect match for the digital natives and tech enthusiasts in the rising generation.

Growth will come from rising superstars, but also from unforeseen areas in business today. As the world quickly evolves and IT becomes more complex, finding the necessary skills to care for data and data centers is becoming a more difficult task. The opportunities are vast and varied. Within our organization, we will be launching an internal educational program to teach the many diverse areas across Kohler’s brands about the data center industry. Our leaders will proudly share regular information on the unique needs of data center end users with efforts to educate, support, and promote from within. The varied backgrounds and skillsets available across the many Kohler brands will foster a diverse employee base that this industry will need to thrive and grow.

We embrace the educational opportunities International Data Center Day creates for the industry’s future leaders, and we are proud to champion the various career paths that are available. The entrance sign to our plant greets employees warmly: he who toils here hath set his mark. By joining this industry, the mark of digital infrastructure is readily visible, the need is great, and the efforts impact the entire world.

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