Global Power Partnership: Where Service Meets Scalability

Exploring how personalized, expert service empowers mission-critical digital transformation.  

25893-14_Datacenter-Social_Ad_1080-Group8Data centers are at the core of today’s thriving global digital economy. In fact, driven by increased IT demand, global data center investment is expected to increase from $244.74 billion in 2019 to $432.14 billion in 2025, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.9%. In the face of this growth, it has become clear that the providers supporting these ever-growing data center architects are key enablers of continued infrastructure expansion. 

As the data center industry’s Global Power Partner, we believe that when data center infrastructure solutions are easily consumable and backed by thorough care, true value can be unlocked for customers. This is why we are proud to unveil our Global Power Partner program. This premier service extends our ongoing dedication to gracious service, enabling personalized, high-touch and exclusively data center-centric support. 

With us, global power partnership means:

  • A globally integrated and multifunctional team
  • Dedicated expert insight
  • Tailored support and solutions 
  • Immediate and accurate quotes
  • Holistic lifecycle services that span account management to engineering, commissioning, and beyond

As our customers grow and look to become more sustainable, efficient, reliable and empowered, they can trust that they’re taken care of from beginning to proverbial end. In this way, offering the utmost ease and responsiveness paves the way for seamless deployments, powerful scalability and uncompromised agility. 

“Organizations in this strategic data center segment are investing billions annually to support the infrastructure needs of our digital society, paving the way for opportunities across 5G, cloud, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and beyond,” says Steve Zielke, Sr. Data Center Channel Manager at Kohler. “We believe that it’s not only our duty to empower these companies with the ideal power solutions they need, but our privilege to do so. We’re committed to helping customers build the future of IT and communications as easily, reliably, and enjoyably as possible — that’s what it means to be a true Global Power Partner.”   

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